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Board & Training, In HomeTraining and Group Classes

Board and Train Program, Nashville, TN & Area.


In Home Training and Group Classes


We feel that our Board and Train program is the most beneficial training package in the Nashville area, because it provides you the best results at the best price. During this time, your dog will be immersed in an environment which is safe, fulfilling, deeply educational, structured and speaks directly to their instinct. The dog will receive thousands of repetitions of desired behaviors, creating muscle memory which will manufacture deeply imbedded learned behaviors that are life long with minimal maintenance. During the time that your dog is with us, we don’t allow visitation as we need to establish a bond and a relationship but we will send video of the progress that they are making. While being away from your pet for an extended period of time can be unsettling for some people, take comfort in knowing your dog is being cared for like they are one of our own and you are providing them the gift of clarity and harmony.


Our basic program normally lasts four (4) weeks and our advanced off-leash program last six (6) weeks. (CLICK HERE FOR TRAINING PROGRAM DESCRIPTION/AGREEMENT). Once the dog has completed the program we deliver them back to you at home (long distance clients may incur additional fees for travel) in the environment where the unwanted behaviors began. We then teach you to maintain what your dog has learned. This is crucial for your dogs ongoing success. Dog training can be a perishable skill if not practiced. It won’t take hours and hours a day, just some simple exercises combined with factoring obedience into your dogs way of life will insure your return on investment.

Our in-home training teaches you to train your dog in the comfort of your home. While it can be very rewarding for a pet owner to see every step in your dogs development, it’s very time consuming for peoples busy lifestyles and you must practice the homework in between sessions for this to be successful. It’s also difficult to modify a dogs behavior in the same environment which triggers unwanted behavior, especially if there are multiple family members conveying mixed signals to the dog.


 Group classes can be very cost effective and are a great outlet for you and your dog once you’ve had some prior training. Normally, its too distracting an environment for a dog new in training to learn. In some cases, dogs are capable of going right into group training, which will be determined during a one on one evaluation.


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