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Alison Rigney - dog trainer
Alison Rigney - 25 years experience in dog training


Alison Rigney


Alison’s earliest childhood memories are of her love and adoration of the family pets, which ignited a life long passion for working with animals. This devotion to animals runs in her genetics, as her father Dr. Keith Powell was one of the leading small animal veterinarians in south FL for over 30 years. Dr. Powell also served his country as a captain in the US Air Force.

Alison also followed her father’s path of public service by having a decorated career with the Hollywood (FL) Police Department for 24 years.


While working interdiction at bus terminals, airports and train stations, she worked next to the incredible detection dogs as they made countless seizures of illicit narcotics and currency. She was also assigned to the detective bureau, where she worked animal abuse cases for 5 years, to be the voice of the beloved animals who were victimized. Her leadership, knowledge  and dedication to her community were exemplified as being assigned to the training division to train new hires and recruits.

Alison’s passion for working with animals is shown through her 25 years of competitive barrel racing. This allowed her to travel to amazing places and work with some of the top horse trainers in the country.

Alison’s devotion to dogs has been a constant in her life, which compelled her to develop K-9 Services unlimited. She has a desire to fill the void of miscommunication between pet dogs and their owners, developing service dogs, assisting with rescue dogs as well as supporting Law Enforcement and the Military working dogs. Her adoration of the French Bulldog began when “Bruiser” came into her life, igniting a desire to have a top French Bulldog breeding program, which produces sound nerves, temperament, confirmation and exotic colors.

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