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Police, Sport & Personal Protection Dog Training
Police, Sport, and Personal Safety

Service Dog Training Knoxville, TN

Police, Sport, Personal Protection


Police Dogs: 
For cops, by cops…..The dog training world is full of trainers who provide training in areas where they have very little to no actual, physical, real-world experience. The police dog sales and training forum is no different. Simply training a dog to pass a police K-9 certification and occupying space in a K-9 Unit for years doesn’t give one experience through osmosis. Having been a professional dog trainer for 25 years and spending nearly 10 years as a police dog handler, working three (3) different dogs in an environment riddled with savage criminals with no conscience who are empowered by a weak, liberal judicial system, I have been a part of hundreds of apprehensions of violent offenders. I have undisputed real-world experience.  I specifically know the genetic traits required by the dogs to thrive in this environment as well as a detailed selection and testing process to reveal strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, having trained countless K-9 teams from green to machine, I have proven training techniques that prepare the dog and handler be self-sufficient, passing certifications with ease but more importantly, preparing the team to hunt and apprehend the 1%’er

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Personal Protection Dogs:

As explained in the aforementioned, the vast majority of personal protection dog trainers in the field have never, ever seen a dog bite a human in a violent encounter, only through fantasy. Accidentally biting exposed flesh of a decoy in a suit in a training scenario, or biting at all in a training scenario doesn’t qualify a trainer. There is no substitute for real world experience. I’d equate this to a self proclaimed “top mechanic” who has never driven a car. Why place the safety of your loved ones, peace of mind and your hard earned investment in the hands of the inexperienced and incompetent. There are no governing bodies in the dog training world, anyone can set up shop, put out the shingle and make fraudulent claims about their experience over the internet. We highly suggest you vet your trainer and challenge their resume as “smoke and mirrors” trainers run rampant throughout the industry. 

Having access to the top bloodlines in the world, we can evaluate, select and train  the perfect fit for your family, which demonstrates sound temperament, sociability, biddability, optimal health, pack drive and guarding instincts. 

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